Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright and Ownership

1.1 All footage filmed by Studio 2 Media Ltd (or its subcontractors) is owned by Studio 2 Media Ltd and may not be used for any other production unless permission has been granted by Studio 2 Media Ltd. A master copy of the agreed production will also be kept by Studio 2 Media Ltd at all times.

1.2 All creative concepts & script ideas put forward by Studio 2 Media Ltd within our quotes, briefs & proposals (whether as emails, email attachments or in physical writing) remain the ownership of Studio 2 Media Ltd and may not be used by anyone or any other company unless permission has been granted by Studio 2 Media Ltd.

1.3 Studio 2 Media Ltd may, from time to time, use any production material and/or raw footage filmed/produced by Studio 2 Media Ltd for promotional purposes such as demonstration material unless non-disclosure forms have been signed by a representative of Studio 2 Media Ltd.

1.4 Wherever possible Studio 2 Media Ltd will use royalty-free music however, specific music can be requested and licensed through MCPS/PRS/PPL (fees vary depending on type of music used, how much is used and where it is used). An extra fee may also incur if a choice of music is decided after the contract and original agreed production fee has been signed for.

1.5 If any Studio 2 Media Ltd production is broadcast on a radio or television service (analogue, digital, cable, satellite, internet) and/or distributed for sale (digitally or by other media such as DVD or memory stick) then an extra charge may incur unless permission has been granted by Studio 2 Media Ltd prior to broadcast/distribution.

1.6 The “Studio 2 Media” speech bubble logo and the spelling/layout of the name in the following way “www.studio2media.com”, “www.studio2media.co.uk”, “Studio2Media.com”, “Studio 2 Media”, “Studio2Media” are all owned by Studio 2 Media and can only be used with written permission by Studio 2 Media Ltd.


2. Fees and Cancellation

2.1 VAT is charged at the current standard rate.

2.2 All travel costs will be charged at 45 pence per mile if the recording location is more than 30 miles from the BH1 postcode and be reflective in the overall agreed price unless you request additional filming after the contract has been signed.

2.3 All written quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date shown. After this period has ended, a new quote may be issued unless otherwise agreed or unless a contract has been signed within the three month period.

2.4 If supplying figures from undisclosed third party companies, we will charge an administration fee to pass on their full details unless our part of the quote is also successful.

2.5 If Studio 2 Media Ltd has to completely cancel the agreed filming and/or production for whatever reason then the agreed fees become null and void.

2.6 If the signatory cancels filming and/or production with 4-7 days to go till the first agreed filming/production date(s) then 50% of the agreed fee must be paid. If the signatory cancels with 1-3 days to go then 75% of the agreed fee must be paid.
If the signatory cancels once filming and/or production has commenced then 100% of the agreed fee must be paid.

2.7 In the unlikely event of a representative from Studio 2 Media Ltd cannot attend the agreed date(s) due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, equipment failure, traffic delays and weather then a new date(s) will be rescheduled without Studio 2 Media Ltd forfeiting any of the agreed fees.

2.8 Once a production has been completed (but before full payment is made) a copy will be supplied to the client for approval who is then entitled to make one round of amendments within the original agreed price. Every set of changes thereafter will incur extra charges. All changes/amendments after full payment has been made will incur charges at our normal daily rate.

2.9 Any extra copies of discs can be arranged for an agreed amount in addition to the original agreed fee.

2.10 Any changes (e.g. re-editing, re-voicing, re-filming) after the filming/production has been completed and once the agreed fee has been paid for will incur extra charges.


3. Payment & Invoices

3.1 All invoice values are shown in pounds sterling.

3.2 Preferred payment is by BACS. Studio 2 Media Ltd’s account details are displayed on all invoices.

3.3 Payment terms are 14 days of the invoice date unless otherwise agreed.

3.4 We understand our statutory rights and reserve the right to charge late payment compensation of at least £40.00 per outstanding invoice and interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate in line with the Governments Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest Act] 1998 for those invoices which breech our credit terms of 14 days.

3.5 Legal action will commence if payment has failed to have been made after 45 days of the invoice date.

3.6 All deposits paid to Studio 2 Media Ltd are non-refundable.

3.7 Should a deposit be paid to Studio 2 Media Ltd and then the decision made NOT to go ahead with the project, then Studio 2 Media Ltd will offer work equal to the value of the original deposit payment.

3.8 For any production where the completion date is delayed by the client by as much as 3 months (or more) from its
start date, then any outstanding balance/full balance is to be paid before the production is completed.


4. General

4.1 Studio 2 Media Ltd has the right to refuse to film or use footage deemed to be illegal, offensive or inappropriate
before or after any contract has been signed.

4.2 Studio 2 Media Ltd adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998

4.3 Studio 2 Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage to any tapes and/or discs incurred by a third party postal/courier service.

4.4 Should any of the agreed filming be lost or damaged through equipment failure, Studio 2 Media Ltd will not be held responsible however a new date will be rescheduled for filming at no extra cost of the agreed fee.

4.5 Wherever possible Studio 2 Media Ltd will adhere to strict health and safety guidelines during any filming and, although insured for up to £5 million public liability insurance, should any accidental damage or personal injury occur to anyone or anything not belonging to Studio 2 Media Ltd then Studio 2 Media Ltd will not be held responsible.

4.6 Some voiceover artists, cameramen and producers are contracted as third party self employed individuals and are not full time employees of Studio 2 Media Ltd.

4.7 Third party contractors are responsible for their own insurances, licenses and certifications. Studio 2 Media Ltd accepts no responsibility for any sub contractors who are not insured, licensed or qualified but we endeavor to check that they are, before work is carried out.

4.8 These terms and conditions of business and the contract between parties shall be construed and applied in accordance with the Law of England and shall be subject only to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

4.9 Studio 2 Media Ltd is Registered in England & Wales No. 06939039. VAT Registration No. 972 0235 34