Podcast – “Invasion of the Job Snatchers” Your Thoughts?

This is a podcast produced for our online radio station – Radio Pod.

Rob Smith discussed the portrayal of Christchurch in the BBC3 TV show “Invasion of the Job Snatchers”.

The TV show stereotyped the town as being ‘sleepy’ and overrun with elderly people using Zimmer frames and mobility scooters but was this a true reflection of Christchurch? We listened to what the residents of Christchurch had to say.

He also talked to a few of the stars of the show including Russell from the Mudeford Quay Fish Stall, Margaret from Honora Wool Shop and Robin & Carl from F A Lambe Butchers.

This show was first broadcast on Thursday 8th May 2014
UPDATE - 23rd June 2014:-
Benny, who worked at Peeks Party Store on the TV show, has commented on our radio show - see his thoughts here